Lisa M. Cantrell

(My Day Job:) 
I am a post-doctoral researcher at the University of California, Davis.  I study how our foundational cognitive skills are formed through an interaction among our most basic processes of memory and attention- and how environmental input (caregivers, culture, and language) also change the developmental trajectory of those skills. When I tell my parents this, they stare at me blinking. I follow up by saying, “Basically I put eye-trackers on babies’ heads.”

(My heart:)
I make radio. I produce a kick-ass podcast on psychology called An InExact Science that is funded through a small grant from the Association of Psychological Sciences. I also love story-telling. I have one ear to the ground, listening to the rumble of where the next beautiful thing is happening– and one ear pointed at you, listening for your stories. Everyone is a walking patchwork of them. I co-founded and co-organize a Davis story-telling project called ShortsNLongs. I spend a lot of time at Third Space Art Collective helping make awesome stuff happen.

(Other details:) 
I have a garden and two bikes, drink a lot of coffee, and my favorite food is tacos al pastor. I make music and art, too. In my previous life, I spent time in a hippie art collective in Santiago, Chile as a painter, and I also worked as a preschool teacher in Mexico City.

Children love me. Cats fear me.










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